I am Dracula.....I bid you ....welcome."
               Bela Lugosi as Dracula


cast of characters...
dracula...........bela lugosi
van helsing.....edward van sloan
mina.......helen chandler
john harker......david manners
renfield......dwight frye
dr.seward......herbert bunston
lucy.....frances dade
screenplay by.....garret fort
based on the novel by
bram stoker
and on the play by
hamilton deane and john balderston
directed by......tod browning
produced by.....carl laemmle,jr.
and tod browning


Released in 1931 by Universal Pictures, "Dracula" struck a vain..er.. nerve in the American movie going public the likes of which had yet to be realized in the horror form.

Played masterfully by the more than convincing Bela Lugosi, "Dracula" strikes at will throughout this timeless classic...going from terrorizing the villagers of Carpathia to enforceing his forboding will upon the good people of London.


It is those very 'good people', the villagers that try to dissuade a young traveler from his planned trip to Carfax Abby, domain of the evil Count, and keep Mr. Renfield, played brilliantly by Dwight Frye,  from his "appointment" with destiny, knowing full well what awaits him. 

Unfortunately he didnt listen to their counsel,  and his "appointment" ending up being "an appointment" to the title of slave...and bugeater....I can't decide which is worse.....i'll leave it up to you.

Anyway....once in London, the Count wastes little time in indulging in his carnal lusts, sucking the blood of his victims, as he spreads fear across the countryside. And indulging in the pleasure of Mina, young finacee' to a Mr.Harker, who is pretty pissed at the idea.

Dracula is finally taken to task and exposed by  Dr. Van Helsing, played brilliantly by Edward Van Sloan, who shows the Count this really nice mirror he found...you get the idea....


Eventually, our fiend is hunted down by Parker and Van Helsing, and taken out for stake, literally, as  London is saved.

Interestingly enough, Lugosi only played Dracula one other time (Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein),  yet his portrayal is widely  recognized by movie historians as the "definitive" Dracula. 


And because of this films incredible success, Universal decided to make a movie that had been 'on the shelf' for some time. A little tale called "Frankenstein".  So in a way,  Lugosi's Dracula cleared the path for what we now know as Universal Monster Classics.