cast of characters
chick young..................bud abbott
wilbur gray....................lou costello
dracula.......................bela lugosi
the wolfman..............lon chaney jr.
the frankenstein monster....glenn strange
the invisible man..........vincent price
lenore aubery..jane randolph
frank ferguson....charles bradstreet
screenplay by....robert lees,frederic rinaldo and
john grant
directed by charles barton
produced by robert arthur









We find our boys as package clerks checking in shipments from overseas. A Mr. McDougal comes to claim his shipment-two crates from Transylvania- earmarked for "McDougal's House of Horrors". One carrying the corpse of the Frankenstein monster and one carrying the coffin of Count Dracula. The only problem is that the monster isnt a corpse and the Count is in the coffin!!!

The monsters escape their crates and take off to a secluded island castle, with Wilbur and Chic taking the heat for their disappearance.

If there is anyone who saw this as a child who still does not absolutely love this movie and these two guys today, I don't know them.

Simply one of the greatest ideas ever to come out of Universal Studio's, "Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein"(Universal, 1948) was a colassal hit at the box office, reinvigorating the careers of the now legendary comediens.














 Back at the hotel, they meet a man named Larry Talbot, who warns Wilbur and Chic about Dracula and the Frankenstein monster and declares the Count must be stopped. Wilbur, already being introduced to the two, tries to convince Chic that Talbot is on the level...but Chic just won't have it.

Recognizing the moon will soon be full, Larry asks the boys to lock him into his room which Wilbur does. When he returns to Talbots room, the wolfman is there instead, but miraculously Wilbur completely misses the wolfman, who fails at repeated attempts to snag a late night snack. 
















This is truly one movie I'm always sad to see end, and if you havent treated yourself to this classic in a while, what the heck are you waiting for?????  .
Problems are just beginning for Wilbur who Dracula takes a liking to  and decides the monster needs a new brain....Wilburs! Naturally, Wilbur has big time problems with this.

The climax to this is monstrously wonderful as Wilbur is rescued leaving Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein's monster run amok throughout the castle chasing each other and guessed it.....Wilbur and Chic.

For our favorite classic universal monsters, this was pretty much it. Never again would we see the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, or the Wolfman in the classic monster garb we've come to know and love.